SIVE 2018

At IEEE Virtual Reality 2018 Workshop, March 18 2018, Reutlingen, Germany

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Program – Sunday 19th March 2018

9:00-9:30 Welcome

Chair: Michele Geronazzo, Aalborg University

9:30-10:30 1st session – oral presentations O1 – Sound Spatialization

  • Daniele Salvati, Carlo Drioli, Federico Fontana and Gian Luca Foresti. Importance of binaural cues of depth in low-resolution audio-visual 3D scene reproductions
  • Roberto Barumerli, Michele Geronazzo and Federico Avanzini. Round Robin Comparison of Inter-Laboratory HRTF Measurements – Assessment with an Auditory Model for Elevation.

10:30-11:00 Break

11:00-12:00 2nd session – oral presentations O2 – Applications of sound in space

  • Haojie Wu, Daniel Ashmead, Haley Adams and Bobby Bodenheimer. 3D Sound Rendering in a Virtual Environment to Evaluate Pedestrian Street Crossing Decisions at a Roundabout
  • Angelika C. Kern and Wolfgang Ellermeier.  Influence of hearing your steps and environmental sounds in VR while walking

12:00 13:30 Lunch

13:30-15:00 3nd session – oral presentations O3 – Music and sonic interactions in VR

  • Liang Men and Nick Bryan-Kinns. LeMo: Supporting Collaborative Music Making in Virtual Reality
  • Falk Morawitz. Quantum – An art-science case study on sonification and sound design in virtual reality
  • Michele Geronazzo, Francesca Nardello and Paola Cesari. An Educational Experience with Motor Planning and Sound Semantics in Virtual Audio Reality

15:00-15:30 Poster/Demo craze (PDC)

15:30-16:00 Break

16:00-17:15 Posters & Demos

  • Tray Minh Voong and Michael Oehler. Sound Radiation of Musical Instruments in VR Environments
  • Alex Baldwin, Stefania Serafin and Cumhur Erkut. Towards the Design and Evaluation of Delay-based Modeling of Acoustic Scenes in Mobile Augmented Reality
  • Christoph Urbanietz and Gerald Enzner. Binaural Rendering for Sound Navigation and Orientation
  • Maria Cuevas-Rodriguez, Lorenzo Picinali, Daniel Gonzalez-Toledo, Carlos Garre, Ernesto de La Rubia-Cuestas, Luis Molina-Tanco, David Poirier-Quinot and Arcadio Reyes-Lecuona. The 3D Tune-In Toolkit – 3D audio spatialiser, hearing loss and hearing aid simulations

17:15-17:30 Closing

Michele Geronazzo (Aalborg University Copenhagen) – chair
Stefania Serafin (Aalborg University Copenhagen)
Cumhur Erkut (Aalborg University Copenhagen)
Niels Christian Nilsson (Aalborg University Copenhagen)
Francesco Grani (HERE Technologies GmbH)
Federico Avanzini (University of Milano)

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Multisensory Experience Lab

Sound and Music Computing Network

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